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Beckett Park Residents Association (BPRA) aims to bring together and represent people living in and around the Becketts Park estate. Our members live in properties on Batcliffe Drive & Mount, Becketts Park Crescent, Drive & Road, St Chads Avenue, Drive, Grove & Rise, St Annes Road and those properties along Otley Road which back on to the estate between St Annes Road and the Memorial Gardens at St Chads Church. This comprises over 500 households. We are the formally constituted community association for our area and recognised as such by Leeds City Council.  Membership is free.


We aim to protect and enhance our neighbourhood in terms of its balance, its environmental commitment, its heritage and the well-being and safety of our residents, providing a forum to share news and information of interest to local residents. BPRA is a member of the North West Leeds Transport Forum through which we are involved in discussions about the traffic on the A660 and the problems of increased air traffic from Leeds Bradford Airport. We have supported the work of the Leeds HMO Lobby, contributed to the Far Headingley, Weetwood & West Park Neighbourhood Design Statement and to the ongoing Headingley Neighbourhood Plan.

BPRA was started in 2009 primarily to support residents who were suffering from the effect of the increasing number of Houses of Multiple Occupancy and the problems that brings with it. The demographics of the estate have changed significantly over the past few years and it's great to see so many young families moving back onto the estate, for which we owe thanks to the work of Dr Richard Tyler and the HMO Lobby.

In 2014 a few of us got together and The Friends of Beckett Park began. Through this we have been able to work with the Parks Department of the Council to improve the Park significantly during the short time that we have been in existence. We held our 5th Annual Picnic on the Park in July 2019 which was very well attended and a lovely afternoon. Unfortunately Covid 19 scuppered our plans for 2020 but we hope to have a Picnic in 2021.


Since becoming a fully constituted Residents Association in 2015 we have held an Annual General Meeting and Socials as well as the Picnic on the Park. Our current Committee members are Alison Barclay (Secretary), Lesley Cook-McKay (Treasurer), Margaret Crowe, Kate Evans, Mihaela Gruia, Paul Hallam, Amy Illsley, Helen Kirk (Chair) and Jack Rutter. Our primary communication remains by email newsletters although we are on Facebook and Twitter.


If you live on the Becketts Park estate and would like to join the Association please email your name and address to or use the Contact us form and we'll add you to our mailing list.


What happens next depends on you, the residents. We welcome suggestions as to the future development of BPRA.



Last updated 03.01.2021

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