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Tree planting


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On 28th November 2020 we planted seven specimen trees to form an attractive avenue, and some saplings.  On 12 December we are planted 4 more at the Queenswood end of the park.  We need lots of volunteer help.  If you'd like to join in please see the 'News' page for more details and how to book a place.  
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With an £8000 grant from Tesco’s Bags of Help fund, we've planted 45 specimen trees to replace those lost in the parkland and avenues.  We've also protected them with timber and wire mesh enclosures.

Very many thanks are due to all the following people who gave their time and expertise:

Parks Ranger Jon Dunster and the Leeds Wildlife Volunteers; 

The team from Leeds Legal Aid Service; 


Holly, Col and the team from The Conservation Volunteers at Hollybush; 


Mark Warner and his Sustainability Team from Leeds Beckett University;


And particular thanks to our members Alex, Alison, Ashley, James and Jim; to John and Ken from Friends of the Hollies; and to Andrew's son Laurie and brother-in-law Phil; all of whom who put in a tremendous effort.  (Please let us know if we've got your name wrong!)   

And not least Jennie Atkinson and all her staff from Parks and Countryside who were magnificent.   

We are very grateful to everyone.  We think the planting will make a huge difference, and help to safeguard our park for the next 200 years.   


New woodland trees

In Spring 2016 we planted 420 Woodland Trust saplings.  

On Saturday 18th March 2017 we planted another 100 saplings, mainly oaks.  

The park's freehold owners, Wade's Charity, have given us a grant to buy mulch mats, canes and spiral guards.  We are gradually fitting them to all the saplings to help them grow better. If you'd like to help, email us to find out when we are in the park 

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