Becketts Park is a popular and attractive residential area, constructed between the 1930's and 1950's after the grounds of Kirkstall Grange were sold for housing, education and parkland use.




The Friends were formed in the autumn of 2014 to work with the Council’s Parks and Countryside officers in improving and managing the park. 


A Community Park


Beckett Park is a much-loved community park used by the residents of Headingley, Weetwood and Kirkstall.  As well as the beautiful open parkland, it has tennis courts, a children’s playground, a small skate park, and outdoor fitness equipment.   It is popular for informal ball games and the tarmac paths are designated cycleways.   The park has attractive views over the Kirkstall Valley. 

Originally the park was part of the grounds of Kirkstall Grange (now part of Leeds Beckett University) and it still retains its historic parkland character. 

Welcome to Becketts Park and Beckett Park 


The Friends of Beckett Park care about having a wonderful open space for the community to enjoy. They are working towards improving the facilities of the Park, helping to maintain the existing trees, plants and play areas, and keeping the park tidy.


Beckett Park Residents Association (BPRA) aims to bring together and represent people living in and around the Becketts Park estate.  If you live on St Annes Road, Batcliffe Mount or Drive, St Chads Drive, Rise or Avenue , the west side of Otley Road between St Annes Drive and the Memorial Gardens at St Chads Church, or any of the Streets within these boundaries, you would be very welcome to join us.


If you would like to join either Group, or volunteer for projects or activities, please get in touch at :-


We are always looking for funds for specific projects and general funds.

if you would like to make a donation or have fund raising ideas please get in touch.


This years the concert and picnic will once again feature Bass Bassa, which seemed to go down well last year.  We had a record crowd of around 200 people.  We hope this year will be even more successful! Let's hope for another sunny day! See the home page for more information.

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